What is the process of data annotation?

Since we all know that Data annotation is a very big thing and then there is also a process which it uses to continue the project and then according to the data, they will decide whether to start the project or to stop it, and this will also depend on how the machine is working among under pressure this means that under so much workload. The simple answer to this question is that since it is a machine, there is no limit as to what they can do, and the thing is that data annotation seems like a small and short process, but it is not as the machine performs several different kinds of algorithms and things that is needs to check the data that has been provided and then the machine will start to sort everything out.
Once the machine has recognized the type of data, it will start working. This means that it will detect the kind of data that you want it to sort, and then the algorithms will start and it will process all the data and then tag the ones that are there in the program and then keep them apart from the others, and this was how the machine works, and we will now discuss of what you should do before taking this service.
The people at IMerit have expert consultation. This means that if you are not sure about the machine, then you can contact them and ask them if you want to take the consultation, and then according to your business, they will suggest the service. Then they also have a thing where they will train you a little to understand the mechanics of the machine. Then they will tell you how you should align your workflow and then accordingly send it in the machine for it to be processed and also tagged and kept separate.
Then they will have a system where you can actively monitor the current situation of the service that is going on, and this is very easy to watch and learn. Then the last thing is that they will tell you how the data has been evaluated and where it has been stored according to the type of data you are dealing with here. This is a link to the IMerit website if you want to learn more about https://imerit.net/data-annotation or this whole process.